About WCU

Higher Education Institutions’ Reputation Enhancement Program towards World Class University is among efforts in strengthening nation’s competency simultaneously that is as well intended to increase performance of higher education institutions’ Tri Dharma. IPB has and will implement institutional development programs as integral part of grand design towards WCU IPB, according to IPB Strategic Plan (Rencana Strategi, Renstra) 2014-2018, RPJMN 2015-2019, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenristekdikti)’s Renstra 2015-2019 and IPB Long-Term Plan 2019-2045. Based on past year’s activities’  achievements and lesson learned, it could be designed program and activity according to the needs to solve gap and regard the existing rankings’ criteria, such as:

Program #1: Academic & Employer Reputation:

  • Act.#1.1 : Publishing and Publication of IPB Accomplishments and Reputations to International Partners
  • Act.#1.2 : Participation in Conferences/ Workshop/ Seminar/ Exhibition on World Class University
  • Act.#1.3 : Workshop and Seminar on Internationally-Reputed Higher Education Institutions’ Rankings
  • Act.#1.4 : Lecturers’ Involvement Facilitation on Nationally-and-Internationally-Reputed Professional Organizations
  • Act.#1.5 : Graduates’ Readiness and Competency Enhancement to Work in National and International Companies or International Institutions
  • Act.#1.6 : Institutional Web and Repository (Webometric)’s Ranking Enhancement and WUR Data Management
  • Act.#1.7 : Collaboration Development Based on Lecturers’ Expertise/Mobility
  • Act.#1.8 : Intellectual Property’s Acquisition and Utilization Enhancement
  • Act.#1.9 : QS ExpressoProgram

Program #2: Research and Publication:

  • Act.#2.1 : International Publication Enhancement
  • Act.#2.2 : Hosting Hayati Journal of Bioscience,
  • Act.#2.3 : Facilitation International Seminar/Workshop/Symposium with Scopus-Indexed Publisher Proceedings
  • Act.#2.4 : Publication Clinic (Klinik Publikasi) towards Scientific Articles Enhancement Conduct in Scopus-Indexed International Journals for Graduate Students
  • Act.#2.5 : Center of Excellences’ Strengthening as ‘Flag Carrier’ of IPB Reputation at Global Scale
  • Act.#2.6 : Indonesia Research Collaboration with Other National Public Universities

Program #3: Internationalization:

  • Act. #3.1 : International Class Evaluation and International Class Opening Preparation
  • Act. #3.2 : Grants for Study Programmes that Host International Class and CLIL Program
  • Act. #3.3 : Grants for Hosting Summer and Exchange Program
  • Act. #3.4 : InternationalCollaboration Facilitation

Higher education institutions reputation enhancement program grants towards World Class University IPB in 2019 are expected to result in outcomes to encourage to rise IPB’s Tri Dharma’s reputation